Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I don't know what to say about this

Consensus Draft Grades?

Lions got a 3.0 for taking another WR (C. Johnson) at no. 2 (because Charles Rogers worked out great) and a bad QB prospect (Stanton).

Eagles take a great QB prospect (Kolb), a great defensive end (Abiamiri), and a highly rated RB "steal" in Tony Hunt...and milk out a consensus 1.8 DPA (Draft Point Average).

Hey, if it's clear to us in the sabermetric football community that you have no idea how to evaluate a draft--maybe you are better off waiting the 3 years to actually get some feedback.


Robocats said...

Well I have to say, Doctor Z gets a lot of flack for being a moron (because he frankly is), but he evidentally has 5 times the balls that Mel Kiper does. Kiper, as FireJoeMorgan reported, gave every team between a C- and B+ for the second straight year, even Cleveland who got the #2 and #5 players on his board, and drafted a bargain with first round talent in Wright. On the other hand crazy Dr. Z threw down a D-, and taking the metaphor all the way to the nth-degree gave New England the only "Incomplete" leaving us to puzzle over what the fuck that old man is doing.

GTripp said...

I'm really kind of pissed off that has rolled back his workload. Ripping on him was one of the listed perks to do when we started this thing.