Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quarterback Accused of Heinous Crimes

Of course, I'm referring to Rex Grossman. As ESPN has astutely pointed out dozens of times since last October, Grossman's being ranked 24th in passer rating in his first full season is reason for his immediately dismissal and banishment. Even though most quarterbacks don't really achieve above replacement without experience (by FootballOutsider's measurement he did perform above replacement level).

Granted Grossman was not very good this past year, but what exactly makes ESPN's Gary Horton say, "his rope may be short with solid nine-year veteran Brian Griese waiting in the wings". This is particularly befuddling when you consider that Griese was there last year, and Lovie Smith refused to bench Grossman for any length of time. I believe the exact words were "Rex is our quarterback".

PS: (SMALL SAMPLE SIZE ALERT!!!!!!!!) when Griese did play last year, though it was mostly in blow outs, he put up a rating 62. Not really anything to draw a conclusion, but I'm just putting that out there.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who's Now?!


Friday, July 6, 2007

Most indispensable player

Peyton Manning? Tom Brady? LaDainian Tomlinson? No!

Jeffery Chadiha thinks its Larry Johnson.

The Chiefs wouldn't win three games if Johnson wasn't available this season.

The Chiefs respect Chadiha's analysis so much, that they seem perfectly content in forcing Johnson to play under his rookie deal this year, even if the alternative is a holdout.

If the Chiefs were to start a replacement level back instead of Larry Johnson, Football Outsiders estimates that it would cost them about 42 points, or roughly 2.5 wins.

Michael Bennett is a better than replacement back, to the tune of 1.5 wins above replacement if he had seen the carries that Johnson saw last year.

2006 Kansas City: an 8-8 team without Larry Johnson. Jeffery Chadhia: a total moron.

He set an NFL record with 416 carries in 2006 and their offense seems to deteriorate a little more with each passing season.

And will likely deteriorate significantly this season because Larry Johnson did carry the ball more times last year than any player in NFL history. Ever. Johnson would have to be some freak of nature to get more than halfway into this season without breaking down a la Curtis Martin and Shaun Alexander the last two seasons.

Right now, Kansas City likely will have a first-time starter at quarterback (second-year veteran Brodie Croyle), a depleted offensive line that lost its two best players over the past two years (offensive tackle Willie Roaf and guard Will Shields) and a corps of wide receivers that ranks near the bottom of the NFL. In other words, the Chiefs had better give Johnson the new contract he covets if they want to have any optimism about their offense this coming season.

If the goal is to generate optimism, Chadiha might have a point. However, if I were to build a sports franchise, my goal would be to get the best players on the field I could. And while Johnson is a great runner, history suggests that hes doomed to injury or ineffectiveness this year. But, hey, thats nothing $56 million can't fix, right?