Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quarterback Accused of Heinous Crimes

Of course, I'm referring to Rex Grossman. As ESPN has astutely pointed out dozens of times since last October, Grossman's being ranked 24th in passer rating in his first full season is reason for his immediately dismissal and banishment. Even though most quarterbacks don't really achieve above replacement without experience (by FootballOutsider's measurement he did perform above replacement level).

Granted Grossman was not very good this past year, but what exactly makes ESPN's Gary Horton say, "his rope may be short with solid nine-year veteran Brian Griese waiting in the wings". This is particularly befuddling when you consider that Griese was there last year, and Lovie Smith refused to bench Grossman for any length of time. I believe the exact words were "Rex is our quarterback".

PS: (SMALL SAMPLE SIZE ALERT!!!!!!!!) when Griese did play last year, though it was mostly in blow outs, he put up a rating 62. Not really anything to draw a conclusion, but I'm just putting that out there.

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