Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I read an article today. It was about Quarterbacks.

And it was written by Scouts Inc!

The title is: In updated QB rankings, Eli Manning rises, Quinn falls

Here are some things I read in the article:

"Brady Quinn's ranking plummeted from No. 37 to No. 58 because he barely saw the field."

"About the only thing we agreed on was that Tom Brady was No. 1 and Peyton Manning was No. 2."

""The top 10 was very difficult after we got through the top five."

"Despite losing several key players to injury, Manning still completed 65.4 percent of his passes and threw 31 TDs."

"There is no longer a debate over who the best QB in the NFL is -- Brady has moved ahead of Manning."

"Favre made every player on the offense better."

"[Romo] is mentally tough"

Roethlisberger has responded with improved leadership.

"[Hasselbeck] is a rhythm passer who can be a little streaky."

"Brees is not the type of player who can carry a team without solid weapons around him."

"When healthy, McNabb has shown he can still be an elite starting QB."

"The last time he played a 16-game season was 2003."

"[Eli] lacks that emotional drive that gets you excited."

This one is the best:

"[Vince Young] didn't have much success in 2007 because former offensive coordinator Norm Chow's game plans didn't always take advantage of Young's strengths as much as they did in 2006."

And the best of the rest:

"Physically, none of his traits stand out, but he is not a major liability in any one area, either."

Guess who that guy is. Give up? Whatever, it's not important.

"The number of interceptions remain worrisome."

Same Guy.

"Starting quarterbacks are hard to find."

"[Clemens] has a lot of upside"

The Russell saga:

"[Russell] was the first overall choice in the 2007 draft for a reason."

"He didn't play all that much football at LSU compared to other top prospects."

"But wow, is he intriguing."

Why we love Steve McNair:

"On guts alone, he threw for over 1,000 yards this season."

Just a few more:

"[Sorgi] has a fragile-looking frame"

"He was pulled from a game by coach Belichick after throwing an interception, so it's obvious Cassel is not ready to be a starter for any NFL team."

"While [Quinn] showed flashes of potential in the preseason, whether that translates well in the regular season is unknown."

Just remember their position on this guy:

"[Russell] was the first overall choice in the 2007 draft for a reason."

"Wow, is [Russell} intriguing."

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