Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fred Dean on Who Made the Hall Of Fame

"Cris Carter and 4 other guys"

That's news to Mr. Carter. Congratulations! In fact, Chris Carter did not make the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Perhaps Mr. Dean knew that only one receiver had made it and he logically assumed that it was Carter:

Cris Carter : 234 games, 209 started / 130 TDs / 59.4 YPG
Art Monk : 224 games, 193 started / 68 TDs / 56.8 YPG

Not bad numbers for Monk or anything, but in like 1 additional season worth of starts Chris Carter has double the touchdowns. Plus, he had more yardage, even adjusting for games. Now I know Carter played for that one freakishly good Minnesota offense, but he also played for some pretty bad teams. Of course the biggest crime is that these two are not mutually exclusive. Just because they put in Monk doesn't mean they couldn't put in the other guy who is pretty obviously better.

So anyway, I was watching the AFC Pro Bowl team play the Cowboys + Adrian Peterson when I heard the quote that inspired this.

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GTripp said...

Receiver DVOA doesn't go back to the days of Monk, but he would grade out really well in it. Better than Carter? I don't know.

Don't forget about the era adjustments that would go into that.

They are both clearly HOF receivers. If Monk, who retired as the player with the most receptions in NFL history had to wait 8 years to get in, then it's hard to feel sorry for Carter.

Carter is going to get in because he has a great body of work. I just take great pleasure in seeing him wait.