Friday, December 12, 2008

One more word, pre-Heisman

ESPN's Chris Fowler, making the argument for Florida Quarterback/H-back Tim Tebow's Heisman credentials:

"Well, he's not going to win the stats argument...his stats are down from last year"

Tim Tebow, Passer Effiency 2007: 172.5
Tim Tebow, Passer Effiency 2008: 176.8

Tim Tebow, Interception % 2008: 0.75 (!)
Sam Bradford, Interception % 2008: 1.4
Colt McCoy, Interception % 2008: 1.9

Tim Tebow, Interception % 2007: 1.7

Actually, I'd say the stats argument is a pretty good one for Tebow.

Editors Note: If I had a vote for Heisman, I would take McCoy. His completion percentage is downright insane, and he did it with the least amount of offensive firepower of the three. This post is just to show that Tebow's got a good argument for his candidacy through stats, probably better than last year. It's just that, it's college football, so why would anyone look past TD totals when they refer to "stats".

Hat tip, Dr. Saturday


Robocats said...

I probably should have made this a little more explicit, but that's the other reason I find Kiper's prediction so crazy. Tebow is actually kind of good at what he's doing now. Actually, he's really good. Kiper was looking at his slow delivery, I guess, and it's true that could be a drawback. It's just that there are some screwy deliveries in the NFL now (Rivers, Leftwich). I'd say someone who was considered the best in college football last year, and one of the three best this year is probably better playing his position than doing something completely new against the best competition on the planet.

That and who on earth would draft an H-Back in the first couple rounds??

GTripp said...

"That and who on earth would draft an H-Back in the first couple rounds??"

Joe Gibbs.

Can Tebow drive a Toyota?