Sunday, October 14, 2007

Matt Hasslebeck: Fretter

Ah, just when you were getting sick of the big-game choking cliché, RE:Peyton Manning and whoever else, Madden and Michaels come through with a new one. For those who didn't have the pleasure, here's a snipppet:

Michaels: Tom Brady loses Deion Branch and he's fine, but Matt Hasslebeck loses Deion Branch and he frets.
Madden: That's who he is, he's a fretter.

Ah yes, "fretting" is why the Seahawks are struggling. Not because Deion Branch was just really important to the offense, or because Shaun Alexander is past his prime, or because Darrell Jackson left, or the lack of blocking. Thanks for clearing that up, Hasslebeck should suck it up and start winning games like the Patriots do.

The beautiful thing about fretting is that it fills in a gap. If choking explains why good teams lose big games, what's a vodoo-analysis way of explaining why mediocore teams lose unimportant games? Surely, we can't just judge based on talent and stats. Fretting can fix that!

fretting:bad teams::choking:good teams

So you saw it here first: fretting, the new trend in sports analysis.

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